Title: The Best of Human Nature

Image: book coverHe rescued thousands from starvation in a time of severe hardship.

His unconventional thinking gained him the highest honours.

Yet his deeds have been largely forgotten or ignored by history. Until now.

In 1847, Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki arrived in Ireland, a country gripped by one of the most devastating famines in history. After witnessing the suffering of the people, Strzelecki developed a radical plan of action to help destitute families.

His innovative scheme was an astonishing success. He won the hearts of the people and his inspiring actions gained him a knighthood.

Through extensive archival research, Felix Molski reveals the work, successes and character of Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki: a nobleman, explorer and great humanitarian.

The Best of Human Nature: Strzelecki's Humanitarian Work in Ireland was launched at the 2012 Over the Moonbah festival. The book will appeal to all readers, but particularly those interested in Strzelecki, philanthropists and Irish history.

ISBN: 9780987282507 (paperback)

Features: 36 pages, black and white images, as well as colour images

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