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News > 15/5/2012

List of Fraternity Flights passengers

This is the list of passengers who took part in the Fraternity Flights over Mount Kosciuszko, with planes generously donated by the Jindabyne Aero Club.

Flight 1: EDT 11.40
Cessna 182 LRG Pilot Michael Fischer max pax weight 200 kg
1. Arek Buczek
2. Radek Kozłowski
3. Aunty Rae

Mooney RKF Pilot Ian Funnell max pax weight 150 kg
1. Marek Rygielski
2. Dylan Edwards (Aunty Rae's grandson)

Jet Ranger Helicopter OKS Pilot Mike Roberts max pax weight 150
1. Maciej Radny (cameraman)
2. Daniel Dulski of Lajkonik
3. Paul Duncan

Nanchang Warbird NND Pilot Paul Duncan Max Pax weight 100 kg
1. Evan Anderson (Aunty Rae's grandson)

Flight 2: EDT 20 mins after Flight 1 lands
Cessna 182 Michael Fischer max pax weight 225 kg
1. Prof. Andrzej Kozek
2. Vicky Hospodaryk of Lajkonik
3. Krzysztof Malek (as cameraman)

Mooney pilot Ian Funnel
1. Zachary Szypica-Denham
2. Ela Lewandowski

Jet Ranger Helicopter pilot Mike Roberts
1. Hon. Dr Peter Phelps
2. Aunty Rachel
3. and her great-grand-daughter Sienna Paton

Nanchang pilot Ian Funnel
1. Cameraman Maciek Radny

Cessna pilot Michael Fischer
1. Konsul Daniel Gromann
2. Doris Paton with her younger grand daughter Njarela Paton

Jet Ranger Helicopter pilot Mike Roberts
1. Adriana Crugnale
2. Carole Thomas

Text courtesy of Puls Polonii
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